frequently asked questions

Our FAQ section has answers to the most common questions that we receive. Please take a minute and browse through them. Hopefully they will help you get a clearer idea about the DJ Pros and our offerings. Should you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Company

Who Are the DJ Pros?
The DJ Pros is a boutique Mobile DJ company owned & operated by seasoned DJs Alexis, CeeKay & Fred. We are known for high-quality service, personal attention, & exceptional value.
How Much Experience Do You Have?
Alexis, CeeKay & Fred have been DJing since 1984, 1990 & 1989 respectively. The DJ Pros were founded in 1994.
Do You Belong to any Professional Organizations?

The DJ Pros are a proud member of the American DJ Association (ADJA), the Professional Association of Disc Jockeys (PADJ), and the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME).

Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
The DJ Pros carry a $2,000,000 liability policy.
What are The DJ Pros "DJ" and "Money-Back" Guarantees?
Our “DJ” Guarantee states that either Alexis, CeeKay, and/or Fred will be performing at your event. If not then you are entitled to a 100% refund. You are also entitled to a 100% refund under our “Money-Back” Guarantee in the event that we are late for your event.
Do you provide references?
References from recent clients are available upon request.

Our Services

Which areas do you serve?
The DJ Pros serve the greater Los Angeles area (roughly a 50-mile radius from downtown Los Angeles) without any additional charges. For events outside this area we are available for a travel fee.
Who will be the DJ at my event?
Alexis, CeeKay and/or Fred will be the DJ(s) at your event. We do not outsource events to other DJs so at least one of us is guaranteed to be there.
Do you have backup DJs?
We do have qualified DJs that will be able to perform at your event in the rare event of an emergency. In such a case you will receive a 100% refund.
When do you setup?
We set up early enough to cope with unforeseen circumstances and to make sure everything is in place before your guests arrive. Setup and break-down costs are always included in all our packages.
Do you dress nicely? What do you wear?
We dress well, in style & appropriately for each event (the more formal the event the more formal the outfit). What we wear is stylish & similar to what your guests would wear. We are not the always-in-a-tuxedo DJs and if this is what you are looking for then most probably we are not right for you. Offering a stylish alternative to the stereotypical image of the tuxedo-clad entertainer is one of the cornerstones of our company. Our clients seem to love this about us!
Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?
Absolutely! We provide music for the processionals & recessionals and if necessary we even provide music during the ceremony from our extensive selection of classical and contemporary music. Some times it is difficult to hear the Justice of the Peace or clergy performing the service or the other ceremony participants. In this case, a wireless microphone may be placed where necessary to help all attendees hear what is happening.
Do you offer Karaoke?
We do not offer Karaoke. We don’t consider it to be in line with the style & character of our offering. If you want karaoke then unfortunately the DJ Pros cannot help you. If on the other hand you would like to use our microphone to sing a special song then all you have to do is to ask us!

Music & Equipment

What kinds of music do you play? Do you accept requests?

We have music for Grandma & Grandpa all the way down to the little grandchildren. We carry not only your requested music and/or tracks but our complete library of thousands of songs, so we are always prepared for your guests’ requests that we take into consideration and try to honor! In addition we accept requests outside our library as long as we receive them at least two weeks prior to your event. This gives us enough time to find the songs and make sure we have them with us. Finally our clients are always welcome to provide their own playlist and we will gladly include it in our programming. For more on our music please visit our music section.

Do you beat-mix?

The key factors of a great music set are the Music Programming (the selection of songs) and the uninterrupted flow. We make sure to choose music that your guests love and to transition smoothly from one song to the next using a variety of mixing techniques (including beat-mixing). We also believe that technique should be in the service of Music Programming and not vice versa. For this reason we advise prospective clients to be mindful of DJs who over-promote their mixing skills.

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you carry backup equipment?

All our equipment are name brands like Crown, Denon, JBL, Technics, Stanton, Numark, Peavey, and Pioneer. They are heavy-duty and built specifically for professional DJs. Our Standard setup includes laptop & audio mixer and two active speakers. Upon request we also provide vinyl turntables. We have multiple sets of equipment and we always carry backups with us so they are readily available should their use becomes necessary. Last but not least, we also have remote access to cloud-hosted music libraries with thousands of songs.

Do you Provide Light Systems, Fog Machines & Bubble Machines?

We offer an Intelligent Light System that includes 1 mushroom effect with 30 multi-colored beams, 1 waterfall effect with a motioning waterfall image, 1 avenger fan effect, 1 green laser with 13 geometric patterns, and 1 groove wheel. We also offer fog machines. We do not offer bubble machines.

Do You Provide Sound Support For Other Vendors (ie bands, musicians etc)?

Unfortunately we do not allow other vendors to connect to our sound system. This is to avoid “accidents” that may end up compromising the success of your event.

Can I rent your DJ equipment alone (no DJ to run it)?

We DO NOT rent our equipment out for use for other disc jockeys or individuals. On the other hand, we own a complete line of equipment to provide when you are hiring our DJ service for your event.

Booking Process & Terms

Can we meet you in-person before we make a decision?
Prospective clients are welcome to meet with us in-person before booking our services. We are happy to arrange for a meeting at a location that is convenient for you so you don’t have to do all the driving!
Can we come see you play first before booking you?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to listen to us during another private event. We do not think it is appropriate for a non-guest to be there “scouting” the DJ – we are sure you wouldn’t want that for your event. We do however periodically DJ at public events. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about our public event schedule.
What are your Booking Terms?
In order to book the DJ Pros we must receive your signed contract and a 20% down payment by the contract due date. Full payment is due by the event date.
What forms of payment do you accept?

The DJ Pros accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Paypal, Personal Checks, Money Orders & Cashier’s Checks.

What happens if more than one client wants the same date?
Bookings become official when we receive your signed contract & payment. If more than one client requests the same date then we assign the date to the first signed contract & payment that we receive.
When is my Contract Due?
Your contract will state the due-back date. Usually it is 2 to 4 weeks after you receive the contract (depending on your event date). The price quote that we have given you is good until the due date on your contract. Past this date you will have to request a new quote either online or over the phone.
Can you Hold my Date?
Unfortunately we do not hold dates for prospective clients. The only way to secure your booking is for us to receive your singed contract & payment.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
You may cancel in writing for a full refund up to 6 months prior to your event. After this point you may only transfer your booking to another date no later than 6 months past your original event date.
What is your Overtime Policy?
Your contract will state the cost of each overtime hour. Overtime is payable directly to the DJ at your event prior to the beginning of the overtime period.